Aim the targets approaching from all sides!
Triangle Service, creator of many arcade games, presents a new style game for PC that looks like a shoot'em up without "shooting" element.

[Key Features]
・This game features no "press the button to fire", that is the most common feature in a shoot'em up
・Aim the target quickly and accurately using a mouse or gamepad
・Includes a classic shoot'em up recreated from a different perspective
・A device with gyro sensor supports intuitive gyro controls

Gyro-controls are tested on these devices:
Microsoft Surface Book
Microsoft Surface Pro 4
Microsoft Surface Pro 3
Microsoft Surface 3
Asus T303UA
Asus T101HA
Asus T100HA
Asus T100TA
Asus T90CHI
dynabook Tab S60
dynabook Tab S80

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